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New to the Site


Welcome to Camsters you've reached the web's premiere live sex spot. Here you'll find a vast selection of beautiful online webcam models available for free video chat and real time, on demand, live sex shows. Below you'll find answers to common questions. Please feel free to contact our customer service department at any time with any questions or concerns... we're here to help make your experience here as long and pleasurable as possible.

Our contact information and physical address can be found on the site, we're not hiding anything and we're not out to rip anyone off. We are in the business of keeping repeat customers so we want you to feel comfortable using our service and hope that you return often. Visa, MasterCard and Discover trust us enough to provide our processing so you should feel safe as well.

Your Privacy

Due to the nature of the service we provide we pride ourselves on going to great lengths to make sure it is completely discreet. We will contact you by email to address your concerns and comments. You may rest assured that our staff will behave professionally if you are required to contact our customer service. All transactions will appear as, EPOCHEU.COM or NET SECURE on your credit card statement. If you would like to have more information regarding these transactions, please visit the corresponding website of the payment provider at :

For your own self interest please be aware that we may be required to disclose information on joint accounts if the second party is named on the account. For this reason it's recommended that you use a payment method that your significant other may not be aware of if applicable. It's also recommended that you use a personal email address.

About the Models and Chat Behaviour

If you're new to live sex shows and sex chat you're probably wondering about the best part of the whole experience, the models themselves.

For the most part our models are from Eastern European, Asian, and Latin American countries. Wages in these countries aren't very high, so this is a very good paying job for the models. Most are students and treat this as a temporary part time job.

For this reason you'll find plenty of beautiful, average person next door type models on our site as well as some undiscovered talent. Most models are not porn stars or typical sex industry workers, just average every day people and should be treated with the same respect as you would give to anyone else.

Do Register if you want to get to know a model... they'll be able to recognize you easily if you use the same chat name or "handle" each time you visit.

Do Go Private, the more you take them private the more they will get to know you and respond to you often.

Also, don't expect them to fulfill too many requests in the free chat rooms, they are only allowed to show nudity and get hardcore in the private and nude chat cam rooms. Plus if you keep asking them to do the same thing and never take them private they'll likely become annoyed with you for wasting their time.

Don't expect them to be your best friend right away, some of the models are very smart and understanding about whatever problems in your life that you need to get off your chest but as with all things in life it takes time to develop a good relationship.

Don't Beg - The models hate beggars and being pestered, it is likely to get you booted from the chat.

Remember - English is not the first language of most of these cam models so please be patient with them. They know a lot of the sex words and are pretty good at guessing however it might take a couple times to explain something to them. Lots of models use the chat as an opportunity to learn English, especially slang... they are taught very formal English in school and will have a harder time understanding slang.

Chat Room Etiquette and Site Rules

We do not tolerate:

  • Any rude behaviour directed towards either a model or another guest.
  • Spamming or promoting other websites through our chat rooms. Your affiliate id will be noted and reported to your sponsors, with your i.p. address, date and the time of the occurrence, which may result in you forfeiting any earnings.
  • No sharing of personal email addresses in the free chat.
  • The use of foreign language, please chat in English only, so that everyone can participate.
  • Using bad language excessively or speaking more extremely than what a model is prepared to deal with.

You will be automatically kicked from a room for:

  • Abusive use of CAPS, typing in caps is considered shouting in chat and therefore rude.
  • Repeating and Flooding, repeating the same thing over and over again or repeatedly cutting and pasting text will get you automatically banned from the chat.

If you get kicked from a room for what you feel were unfair reasons you can visit the 24/7 Online help chat to get un-banned right away. Models have the ability to boot guests from their rooms and most of the time it is left to their discretion. Please feel free to visit our help chat if you wish to report a rude or abusive guest as well.

Troubleshooting And Signup Walkthrough

Troubleshooting Instructions

The majority of the models on the site operates in Adobe Flash. To run the video stream you will need Adobe Flash Player 10 or above. You can download this for free from:

We also suggest using Internet Explorer or Firefox to browse our site. Other browsers will work but the best results are with Internet Explorer or Firefox

Cam 2 Cam 

Camsters now offers a cam to cam option for users with a webcam. Users may chat and engage in a 1 on 1 private show with a model making the experience more intense than the ordinary private show.Models may choose not to accept a user's cam request and will report inappropriate content. Please read the terms and conditions before entering Cam2Cam.

For help with the cam2cam feature in private shows, visit this page here.


Sound is available in free, full private, full private, nude chat and daily theme shows.

Browser and Firewall Settings

You might experience difficulties connecting to the chat if your browser security settings are too high or if you have a firewall. You might need to adjust your settings in order to access the free chat.


Macintosh users may access our site with either a PowerPC G3 500MHz or an Intel Core Duo or faster processor with 128MB of RAM.

If you have any other technical problems you can visit our 24/7 Online help chat or you can contact us by email at

Signup Walk Through

We'll take you through from the beginning now. For best results please make sure you're browsing with Internet Explorer or Firefox on PC or Firefox on MAC.

You should be here:

Click on the image above if you'd like, the link will open a new window with the chat interface so you can keep the help page open and follow along on the new page.

When you arrive at the main page, click on an image of any model currently online. The free chat will automatically load if you have Adobe Flash Player on your system. If you're having a problem loading the video right off the bat most likely you will need to upgrade or install Adobe Flash Player. Just skip to the steps below if you can already see the model's video.

Follow this link to download and install

With the Flash player you will be able to enjoy the best video quality available, crystal clear with up to 15 frames per second for free! Full screen video with sound is available in Nude Chat and Private. You will need an Intel Pentium II 450MHz or faster processor (or equivalent) and 128MB RAM if using a Windows based platform. Whether using a MAC or a PC you should have a cable or dsl modem internet connection.

You might be required to install Windows Media Player 9 for certain models using an older version of our system or to enjoy our themed shows. will need a speed of 200 kbps to truly enjoy the broadband video experience, but most cable and dsl modems will be fast enough.

Step 1

If installing Flash for the first time you may be asked to install the Adobe Flash Player Installer add-on at the very top of your screen (Please allow pop-ups during this installation process). Click on the pop-up link and select 'install ActiveX Control...'

A pop up window to install the software will then appear. Click on 'Install' to continue.

You should now be able to see the video, if not please check that you are not behind a firewall or running any antivirus software that will not allow you to connect to our video.

Still not working? Please contact our support staff.

Feel free to surf around now and get to know the site and the chat. If you want to view the large pictures or get to know any of our models better you will need to sign up FREE.

Step 2

Click on "Signup Now". A pop up window will ask you to create a username and password (each containing at least one number and must be between 6 and 12 characters long). You will also need to provide a valid email address to activate your account. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions and check off that you have read them. Please make sure you remember your password. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFEKEEPING OF YOUR OWN USERNAME AND PASSWORD. DO NOT share this information

Step 3

You are now presented with two options.

3a) Activate your account by confirming you email

Go to your inbox and click on the "Activation Link". You may need to check your junk mail folder if you did not receive the automatic email. Once activated, you will automatically be brought back to the site.

3b) Skip activation and go straight to a private show. Click on the link to proceed and add Tokens to your account through credit card, debit card or another alternative.

This site is not like typical porn sites, THERE IS NEVER ANY RECURRING BILLING, THIS IS A ONE TIME CHARGE ONLY, YOU WILL NEVER BE REBILLED. Here you get what you pay for and if you'd like more simply purchase again.

Step 4

Once you're ready to add Tokens to your account, you will need to provide your card information. The CVV2 required information is the 3 digit number found on the back of your card at the very end of the credit card number. If you use fake information the purchase will not work. Please be assured that we are an honest company and very discreet.

Valid information is required to allow us to process your transactions. All our company information is displayed on the website and we are in good standing with Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Using the service

Once logged in take your pick of one of our beautiful models online right now. Click on their pic or the link under their photo to join their free chat or go directly to a private show. Choose a guest name or make up a name you want to use in free chat then connect. You will be chatting with the model and other users in real time.

Don't forget to browse the different features of the site, like adding a model to your favourites or sharing the model's profile with your friends by emailing them a link directly from the page you're on. Check out the model's award history (this will really give you an idea of how great a performance you will get!) or vote for the model of the month.

Remember, if you are having any problems or wish to make any comments you can always get in touch with us 24/7. Benice in help chat is always available to answer your questions, or you can send us an instant report from a model's room. Click on the "Report" link under the model's video and include your email address so we can respond.

Use the Report feature if you don't want the hassle of logging into your personal email account to send us an email.

Upgrade your account to the Executive membership and receive 80 free Tokens today!

You can upgrade by forwarding proof of name and address to our customer service department by fax or email and an agent will upgrade your account immediately PLUS give you 80 free Tokens!

You can hide any personal details. Acceptable forms of proof of name and address are:

  • bank statement
  • driver's licence
  • government issued ID or letter
  • utility bill

Please fax or scan or take a digital photo and email it to us. Our email address is and our fax number is 514-527-6480.

About the service

Membership Types

There are 3 different memberships on our site.

Regular Membership $100 spending limit per 30 days

This is the type of membership that you will receive when you sign up. Simply fill out all fields of the online application.

Executive Membership $1000 spending limit per 30 days

To be approved for Executive membership forward proof of name and address (See 'Using the Service' above, for more details). If you are having difficulty upgrading please contact our customer service department. Note that it may take up to 3 business days to be approved for Executive status. You will receive 80 FREE Tokens with your Executive membership!

Elite Membership No limits

This is like our SUPER Executive membership. With an Elite account you can spend as much as you like on our site without limitations. You also benefit from 10% more Tokens added to your account with every purchase. To be approved for Elite Membership you will need to print and sign this elite user form and provide us a copy of your signed credit cards (both sides) and an ID card with a picture. Please submit the required information by fax at 1-514-527-6480 or by email to and as soon as we get the documents we will approve your Elite Membership.

Show Types

Free Chat

All our models are available for free chat when they are not performing a feature show or in a private session. Simply click on the model you'd like to chat with and you'll be taken to their free room where you and our other guests may chat with the model and each other. Free chat is non nude; models are not allowed to show any nudity in the free chat rooms. The broadband video and sound are free for our guests, however full screen video is only available in private and the showroom.

Feature Showrooms

This is one of the best ways to preview what a particular model can do. It is a showroom where a featured model will perform a half hour long hardcore show for multiple users. Inside the showroom more than one guest may chat with the model and each other at once. Everyone can see what everyone else is writing. The models are instructed to take requests and as more people join the chat the show will get hotter and more extreme. In feature showrooms the models can be fully nude with the added value of toy and masturbation action. When a model finishes their show they are available for private 1on1 sessions immediately afterward, and after that they will return to free chat. The action never stops in the showroom when a model finishes another will take their place. Full screen video with sound is available in the feature showrooms. Models with the speaker icon beside them have audio capabilities.

1 on 1

This is our oldest and most popular form of video chat. Simply take the model of your choosing into a private session where they will fulfill your fantasies and deepest desires in private just for you. Only you may chat with the model here so you'll have them all to yourself. Anything is possible in the private 1on1 sessions but it is entirely up to the model what requests will be fulfilled. Full screen video with sound is available in the 1on1 chat. All models with the speaker icon beside them have audio capabilities.

Semi Private

This option allows you to "peep" in on private shows for a truly voyeur experience. You may not direct the action, chat with the model, see what is being typed or hear sound, however you will see all the action at a very reduced rate.

Daily Hardcore Theme Shows:

To add a little spunk to your junk, we offer 1 hour hardcore theme shows every day that feature one or more models doing any number of naughty things on cam - ABSOLUTELY FREE FOR OUR MEMBERS!

Special Live Events:

Tune into our special live events to interact with some of the top performers in porn today! All 1 hour special live events are available for the discounted rate of only 2 Tokens per minute!


Theme Show
for members
for members
for members
for members
Special Live Events
2 2 2 2
Nude Chat
5 8 10 15
Semi Private
5 5 5 5
10 15 20 25


The Camsters MatchMaker feature is a unique way to access the best of the best specifically for you! Take a few moments to fill out your preferences from easy drop down menu choices. You will also earn Camster Points for filling this out which will get you closer to spending more time with the model of your dreams.

Once you've answered some very hot questions, our system will provide you with a list and photos of the models best suited toward your desires. Click on the various images to read their bio. Get to know the model by sending them an email or diving right in and taking them for a private show. Don't forget, if you upload a photo of yourself, your favourite model will be able to see it in private.

We always have new models joining Camsters and you can always chat with other models that are not on your MatchMaker list. At Camsters, there is something for everyone.

Camster Points

Earn points for logging in! Earn points for selecting a favourite model! Earn points for leaving a comment! Just about everything you do at Camsters can get you closer to spending more time 1 on 1 with your model of choice.

Click on "View Camsters Points Page" to learn about the different ways you can earn Camster points, then when you're ready, click on "Redeem Camster Points" at the bottom of the page. Depending on the level of points you earn you could benefit from a lengthy private show. See the table below.

Points Add 100 Tokens Add 200 Tokens Add 300 Tokens Add 400 Tokens
5000 20 Tokens 20 Tokens 20 Tokens 20 Tokens
10000 -- 40 Tokens 40 Tokens 40 Tokens
15000 -- -- 60 Tokens 60 Tokens
25000 -- -- -- 100 Tokens

Example: If you have earned 10000 Camster points and purchase 200 Tokens, you will get 40 free bonus Tokens to use on the site.

Most Popular Tags

Want to find a model that enjoys some of your hobbies and interests? Look through our "Most Popular Tags" section for something that stands out. Clicking on any of these links will provide you a list of all models who mentioned the same thing in their bio. Choose a model from this page and read their bio. Did they list it as a turn on too?!

My Preferred Language

Most of our models speak more than one language. Under the area with the various flags, you can choose your preferred language to find the models who can chat with you in your preferred choice. Don't forget, for some of our models, English is not their first language, so please be patient.

Different Payment Methods:

Credit Card

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club credit cards. We also accept Solo, Maestro, Visa Electron, Visa and MasterCard debit, Delta and Carte Bleue debit cards. Purchasing with a credit or debit card is the fastest way to credit your account on our site. Please note that for security reasons you cannot use your credit or debit card outside the country from which it was issued.

Bank Transfer

European clients with access to online banking can enjoy the comforts of directly depositing into their Camster account from the comfort of their home. Like a credit or debit card purchase, simply choose the package of time desired in euros and follow the online prompts. If you are in Europe and do NOT have access to online banking you can still use the Bank Transfer feature by printing out the bank information and taking it to your local branch. Please note online bank transfers may take between 1 and 3 business days.

Money Order

You may send us an international money order in US funds to the address below, when we receive the funds the time will be added to your account. If you don't currently have an account we will create you one. Please include your full name, email address and phone number with the money order. Don't worry, we will not contact you by phone due to the nature of the service we provide, it is just used as reference.

Inoveo Communications Inc.
1155 University
Suite 510
Montreal, QC
H3B 3A7 Canada


This option is available for U.S. residents only. It's exactly like a normal check, except that it's processed through the internet. When you use the e-check system for the first time it can take up to 15 business days (3 weeks) to verify your account information. After your initial verification it should only take 5-7 business days, (about a week), for the e-check to be processed.

Wire Transfer

We don't usually do this but if you are a good customer we can accept direct bank wire transfers. The minimum amount is 500$ USD. Contact for more information.

Problems buying Tokens?

Transaction Declined

If you try to purchase using a credit card and your transaction is declined you will receive an error code, for example 060013. Report the error code to Benice in the Help Chat. Benice will then work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Transaction Suspended

If your transaction has been suspended, it will need to be verified by our staff. To make the process faster and to avoid your transaction ultimately being denied, you should contact Benice in the help chat as soon as possible or alternatively you can call our customer service line 1-866-448-9191 (toll free in CAN and USA) or our international number 1-514-527-8383.

Money not in account

If you have successfully made a purchase and received the receipt by email but did not receive it in your account please contact us immediately. If you did not receive a receipt this usually means the transaction was not completed. Note that the delay for e-checks is up to 15 business days the first time using this service and between 5 and 7 business days for any subsequent e-check purchases.

You've reached your monthly credit purchasing limit

As we have 3 different memberships on our site you may need to apply for a higher level of membership to be able to spend more time with your favourite model. Here are the limits for the 3 type of memberships.

Regular $100 per 30 days
Executive $1000 per 30 days
Elite Unlimited

If you want to know more about the type of membership please visit the "Membership Types" section above.

You did not receive your 80 FREE Tokens as an Executive

Is your Executive application approved yet? You can see the status of your account by checking your info on the site. It can take up to 3 business days to be approved for Executive. Note that you can only receive the 80 free Tokens once on our system.

Need more assistance?

For any billing or membership related problems please don't hesitate to contact us via any of the methods below, our customer service department is open 24-7. Please have all necessary information ready prior to contacting us. You will need to supply your user name, the email address you supplied when joining the site, and of course the nature of your problem or request. Be advised it is not necessary to include your full credit card information when emailing our support, DO NOT include your full credit card info for help correspondence.

Contact Us

24/7 Online Help chat
1-866-448-9191 (Toll free Can & Usa)
1-514-527-8383 (International)

Inoveo Communications Inc.
1155 University
Suite 510
Montreal, Quebec
H3B 3A7 Canada

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