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My KingMy King: pansi***

He is my most loyal suitor over the past 7 days.
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My Top Suitors:

If you spend more time with AliceSwift than anyone else, she'll crown you her "King".

Kingship is calculated based on the most show time spent with a model in the past 7 days.

Kings' receive special treatment in a model's room, including their own chat room status and identifying crown badge. Keep an eye on your kingdom though - if another suitor spends more time with AliceSwift than you, they will steal your crown!

My Best Tippers:
2013-07-10 -  10 / 10
she is darling. i enjoyed to be with her. thank her Ken
2013-06-26 -  10 / 10
AWESOME Nicol ;-) xxxxxxx
2013-04-21 -  10 / 10
wow. the best girl ever online. a birthday sensation
2012-12-10 -  9 / 10
Awesome beauty
2012-09-20 -  1 / 10
she did nothing at all "(
2012-09-13 -  8 / 10
bit slow but good
2012-07-11 -  10 / 10
very smart business woman. knows how to work a man. twists him by the balls
2012-07-06 -  10 / 10
2012-07-06 -  10 / 10
fantastic person to talk to
2012-07-06 -  10 / 10
very sweet
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You gonna loose your mind with me! I promise! My sweet pink pussy and my tight ass were born to be fucked! I love to explore all sexual desires and fantasies with the right guidance.

Nationality: Bulgarian
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Ascendant Sign:Pisces
Height: 170cm - 5' 7"
Build/Body type: Slim
Eye Color: Green
Hair color: Brown
Measurements: 35" D-24"-35"

Favorite Position: Butterfly,Cowgirl
Favorite toy: Anal Beads,My Ass
Most unusual place I had sex: A Dungeon
Fantasy: Being a Pornstar,Many Women
Turnons: A Big Cock,Black Men
Turn-offs: Anal Sex,Cowards
Favorite Food: Fruits,Greek,Salad
Hobbies: Badminton,Biking,Clubbing,Computer,Hiking

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